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My two great loves are animals and writing. From Brooklyn orignally, I'm one of the numerous Hollywood
transplants from New York.  Originally a high school English teacher, I wrote my first screenplay in graduate school, which got me an agent and a first screenwriting deal with 20th Century Fox.

Coming out to the West Coast, I decided to stay after selling an episode to "All In The Family."   That was my first on-screen credit.  I wrote TV sitcoms and movies while continuing to write feature scripts.  In 1981 I wrote "All The Good Ones Are Married," which became a movie for Lifetime in 2009. I also produced: a feature entitled "Midnight Kiss," and currently co-produce "Shelter Me," a documentary series on PBS  about the great value of shelter dogs. My new book, "Romancing the Dog, The Struggle To Make a Pound Dog Happy in Beverly Hills" chronicles the life and times of one such beloved shelter dog. You can usually find me hanging out at dog rescue events with my new adoptee, Tosca, a 10-year-old terrier mix.

Professional Organizations - WGA, PEN, PSA

Animal Lover, Author, Tibetan Terrier Owner, Shelter Animal Advocate and Benefactor

Marion Zola - Author

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