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Find Love For Valentine's Day

This may or may not bring new love in the next ten days, but a good way to get started is with your dog. Nothing is easier than talking to a stranger when you both have dogs. It's even easy if only one of you has a dog. Beginning a conversation with a dog guardian couldn't be simpler -- you just say something nice about his or her dog. Maybe pet the pooch as well.

It's also really simple to judge a lot about someone's character by watching the way h or she treats a dog. If the person allows the dog to go at his own pace, or a reasonable pace, stopping for important business like sniffing, peeing, pooping, greeting another dog, etc. that man or woman is primarily there for the dog's sake, as it should be. But if he/she demands that the dog keep up with a fast pace, as in jogging, keeps the leash too short to allow any freedom or jerks the collar, particularly a choker or jaw-toothed collar, you should steer clear of that guy. It can be a gal, but more often than not, it's a guy. That fellow is too demanding, is insecure (has to totally control the dog) and selfish, more concerned with his own exercise than the dog's. You don't need a guy or gal like that in your life. Show me how someone treats his dog, and I'll tell you a lot about him. When I see someone stopping to pet his dog or help him or her with a little problem or enjoy sharing a time at the park with his dog, I know this is a good person. He or she may not be your potential mate for many reasons, but at least a good deal of the person's character has revealed itself. Now it's time to go out for a walk and get ready for Valentine's least some Valelntine's Day.

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