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A Sad But Meaningful Day

First I want to apologize for my long absence here. I have been overwhelmed with too many things to take care of, but hope to be here much more often starting today. It's a sad time as my superb vet and I have concluded that my beautifiul Tosca, a terrier mix, has no more quality of life. After five and a half years with me, beginning when she was ten, she has stopped eating completely and, for the first time ever, has not even been drinking water today. It is time to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge as painlessly as possible.

Those of you familiar with my writing in "Romancing The Dog," about my last dog, or who have watched the show "Shelter Me," which I co-produced, know that I believe it's vitally important to adopt rather than buys dogs. There are are so many sitting in shelters and rescue groups right now waiting to be saved from euthanasia. Those of you who have had to put a beloved pet to sleep know how painful it is for the human guardian. But, as I always tell friends and loved ones in this position, it's much better that we lose them than that they lose us. I will write more about my beautiful Tosca tomorrow, but right now I want to just be with her.

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