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Here we go again....I'm singing an old song but only because this is the best song. Senior dogs and cats for everyone, ESPECIALLY senior people is so gratifying, so important and such a wonderful act of giving and getting that I must tell it again and again. Whether abandoned by the death of an owner or circumstances ie no family or friend willing to take the pet, these poor seniors are helpless and often hopeless in a shelter or rescue group. They are often the first to be killed for lack of space in the shelter, regardless of the fact that they are such marvelous pets.

We adopted a ten and a half year old dog who gave us some of the best five years we've ever had with a pet. They are easier than younger dogs -- no teething, jumping, crazy running or pulling like a motorized creature. Of course, they're housebroken and usually know some commands. They just want love and company. Their appreciation can be seen in every look and gesture.

When I see an older person buying a puppy, I cannot fathom their thinking. The worst thing is they're often not around to take care of the dog for his lifetime. Unless definite arrangements are made, they're often the abandoned ones. It's crazy. They could have a calm, loving, sweet dog who is much easier! Please give seniors a chance -- I promise you won't regret it.

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