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All About Animals TextAugust 01, 20211 note zolamj: HOW MUCH IS THAT DOGGY IN THE WINDOW?

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Text August 01, 2021 1 note zolamj: HOW MUCH IS THAT DOGGY IN THE WINDOW? (YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW)

You don’t want to know because the dog is from a puppy mill. What is a puppy mill? – a horribly cruel place with rows and rows and stacks and stacks of cages with dogs who never get out of them their whole lives. These poor souls never feel the ground under their feet, have contact with anyone except the food and water dispenser. They aren’t given proper medical care, love, any socialization or anything. Their lives consist of forced sex to have puppies that their owners sell at high prices with deceptive ads, calling themselves “breeders.” Unsuspecting buyers either buy them on the internet or though an ad in a newspaper or somewhere on the street, where the people selling them say a friend bred them or they found them or some such nonsense. A proper breeder is someone local, who asks you to fill out paperwork, asks you questions about your plans for the dog you are buying, insists on meeting you and introducing you to the puppy’s parents, or at least the mother. A proper breeder breeds her dog in a home, not a kennel, and is quite knowledgeable about the breed of dog she’s involved with. These breeders want to make sure their puppies are going to responsible, loving homes and may visit your home before the sale is concluded. If you insist on getting a puppy (and I’d encourage you to consider adopting first) please get one from a local breeder, whose set up you can actually see. These criteria can also be seen at For those who haven’t discovered it yet, each breed has its own rescue organization, so if you want a Beagle, you can go to Beagle Rescue, and so on with each breed. All the adoptable dogs are also listed on PETFINDER.COM. It’s broken down by area where you live, sex of the dog, age, breed, etc. You can find any type or any mixed type dog at this wonderful site. Please remember and spread the word. Don’t support puppy mills by buying a dog from an ad without going to see the breeder in person. These ads are very deceptive. Always go and actually see the puppy. These important criteria are listed at, a wonderful website.

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