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The minute it started, I said to my husband, “I bet it came from animals to the Chinese because they eat anything that moves.” If they weren’t so eager to kill innocent animals, they’d be unlikely to get all these diseases. The government just banned the eating of wild animals – about time. For those who never heard of the Chinese “wet markets,” they are markets where Chinese go to pick out a live animal they want killed, and watch it being slaughtered right there. We can only imagine how the blood mixes with other food or animals being sold.

And who is the biggest consumer of ivory, which causes the slaughter of the diminishing numbers of majestic elephants, leaving their babies orphans? But what the Chinese have not banned is the consumption of dogs, man’s best friend, born to love those that care for them! I was sick seeing these beautiful animals in cages at the meat market, wagging their tails when the humans approached, not knowing what was to come. Incredible as it sounds, they not only kill the dogs for their sick dog eating festival each year, but actually torture them before the kill, believing that this enhances the meat in some way. They take the most loving animals in the world and torture, kill and eat them. Does that tell you all you need to know about these people? In fairness, I have to say that this does not apply to all Chinese, and certainly the younger generation, I understand, does not participate in this heinous “festival.”

Last night, on the Tucker Carlson’s show, he had a doctor who explained that some lab workers in China take animals who’ve been used in experiments, given viruses and such, and sell them at the local meat market in order to enhance their incomes. Tucker said “I never heard anything more repulsive.”

We need look no further to explain why this virus started there.

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