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The street is too hot!

Hi, I saw a guy today with his dog draped around his neck and secured by the guy by holding the paws. Thus he can't fall. I realized that he was doing that so that his dog's paws wouldn't burn. In case you haven't tried walking barefoot on pavement recently, I have in my own yard. My feet were burning! Please be aware of your dog's paws, which can burn. The blacktop in the street is particularly hot. Needless to say, they need extra water and cooling in this weather.

Beyond that, I've noticed lately that too many guardians are staring at their phones the whole time they're walking their dogs. I know it may be boring sometime, but it's really important to pay attention to what's going on with the dog -- the other day, I saw a man with a puppy on a leash he was holding and waiting for someone. He looked at the phone the whole time and didn't notice his little son, maybe four years old, trying to stick some black thing in the dog's face over and over. The dog turned his head each time. Then the boy, lifted his leg as if to kick the dog in the face but stopped short of making contact. The father was totally oblivious to the whole thing. I would have said something but I'm on a cane right now recuperating from an injury and they were pretty far away, By the time I could get there, they had left. Please watch the dog and just glance at the phone or talk on it on speaker if you want. Happy walking!

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