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Those Oldies But Goodies

There's something so, so special about adopting an older dog. The reality is that many formerly treasured pets find themselves in shelters in their old age. Maybe the owner went into an assisted living or a nursing home that won't allow animals, or they themselves are too sick or poor to care for the pet. Some owners are in the military and are deployed with no connections to someone who wants their older dog.

And of course some people don't want to be bothered with their senior pets anymore. Whatever the reason, these wonderful dogs and cats now find themselves abandoned and confused until someone adopts them or they're euthanized. It's a tragedy for them and no fault of their own. Thankfully, there are now numerous rescue groups solely saving these amazing, wonderful creatures who appreciate a second chance more than anyone who hasn't had one can imagine. And there are no more housebreaking struggles, chewed up shoes or furniture, destroyed rugs and carpets, running away, jumping on everyone.

Larger breeds can be considered old at six or seven -- perhaps a decade before they'd die! Then there are the retired dogs -- from the military, police, the racetrack that desperately need homes. And these older dogs have so much love to give, and teach their new guardians about healing and second chances, which they so, so deserve. Do you have room in your heart and home for a senior dog? There are dozens of senior rescue groups now, thank goodness. My own, senior, Tosca is fourteen and a half. We adopted her when she was ten and she's been easy and a joy ever since. Please go to to see all the wonderful senior pets for adoption if you don't know a senior rescue group. See my wonderful dog Tosca here.

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