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Careless Guardians/Unlucky Dogs

I saw one of the dogs at the bottom of my street running around, having a good time. The problem is that three streets meet on the corner where he was and are often full of traffic. I picked the dog up and took him home, right near where he was. His backyard had two other dogs and three puppies in it. The owner was not home, as in the other instances when I found him, but I noticed that the fence of the yard was too way too low to hold the dog who'd gotten out. This is the third or fourth time I found this dog. This tells me that the owner leaves quite often with the dogs in the backyard. They're easy to reach and could be easily stolen. In addition to leaving the dogs vulnerable to kidnappers, who sometimes sell them to labs, it allows dogs to go into the street, where they're possibly run over. Actually, it's a common tragedy that happens to dogs....and easily preventable.

The three puppies tell me that these owners have not fixed one or more of the dogs. Considering the over population of domestic animals, they shouldn't be breeding more, especially when they haven't figured out how to protect their adult dogs. Please keep your dogs safe. Do not leave them alone in vulnerable yards when you are away.

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