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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

As extraordinary as the Ukrainian people are as a whole, whether fighting or volunteering to help their countrymen, there are some unsung and remarkable volunteers that you haven't heard about. These are the women taking care of the dogs and cats found in the streets of Ukraine. Some, of course, were killed by Russian bombs, others shot in cold blood along with children, some have starved to death, but a lucky few have been saved, at least for now. These dogs and cats are in two shelters and some houses manned by volunteers who had, at first, nothing to feed them but spiders and porridge. A rescue group here in California, called Save A Rescue, has made contact with these volunteers and shipped pet food to a contact in a neighboring country, who takes the food directly into Ukraine and provides it to the animals as it comes in.

The owners of these wonderful pets don't even know about the heroic volunteers who have stayed in Ukraine thoughout the war to take care of these poor animals, which were starving when they found them. There are four thousand of them now and they need food! The group, Save A Rescue, is running out of money, so please, please do whatever you can to donate to to help these animals. Every single dollar that you donate will go to the food. Promise. Thank you.

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