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Heroine For The Ages

There is a contest to vote for the CNN hero or heroine of the year. I will tell you who I am voting for and hope you'll do the same. Carie Broecker, who is the creator and President of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue is my candidate. She started this rescue group specifically to help senior dogs, who have the most difficult time getting adopted. Just as senior folks experience prejudice in many areas of their lives, senior dogs do not attract as many adopters as puppies or younger dogs. This is a shame because senior dogs have so many advantages (see my former blogs on this).

Carie began this group so that the under served senior dogs would have an advocate and because many older people do not have a family member or friend to leave their dog to when they pass on. Carie has provided real peace of mind to many people who have passed away more peacefully knowing their dogs would be in good hands. She goes above and beyond other rescue groups by also providing walkers for dogs when their guardians are too frail to walk them, though they aren't ready to give them up. This enables these people to keep the dogs for longer. Please help by voting for Carie if you agree with me. The link is below. Thanks.

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