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Shelters Overflowing

You may have heard that they're killing large numbers of dogs and cats in shelter now , due to the current surge in animal surrenders going on all over the country. It's an unprecedented tragedy. The problem is that the largest number of people than ever before bought or adopted animals during Covid. These people were stuck at home, often alone, and wanted the loving companionship of an unconditionally loving animal. And they enjoyed those four legged friends while they needed them, but now that they're not home as much, some uncaring people consider their pets a sort of liability or nuisance. Too many of them . Some selfish people may not have thought through their acquisitions, but you'd think that they'd realize, by living with them, that these animals they wanted so much are helpless, and have feelings and attachments and needs of their own.

I realize that for some people, the cost of taking good care of a pet has risen past the point that they can afford. One would hope that people think these things through before the buying or adopting. But, to be fair, inflation has risen faster than anyone expected and these guardians may have been caught in the crunch. Nonetheless, these animals are dying at an unprecedented rate due to far fewer than needed adoptions. PLEASE, if you're getting a dog, cat or both, please adopt -- it's the very best thing you can do. If you can't adopt, please foster if you can. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

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