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I've noticed, and you might have as well, that today most people today who walk their dogs do so mostly while looking at their phones. Those who are on a call actually see their dogs more than the screen readers because only their mouths and ears are involved. The ones reading what's on their phones aren't looking at the dogs at all. I've seen all kinds of things -- dogs trying to "do their business" being yanked away in the middle of it; dogs stepping on broken glass pieces or other dangerous or filthy things because their walkers are too busy looking at screens to see what's happening. Some folks just keep walking and don't give the animals a chance to even sniff to find the best "toilet."

I get it -- you have too much to do and walking the dog can be boring and tedious if you do it often (which you should.) Making a call so that you get two things done at the same time is expedient and reasonable, as you can still watch the dog while you do that. All I'm saying is that the dog needs your attention too. Most people I know don't have enough time in the day to give their dogs all the attention they'd like to. There are so many places the dog isn't allowed, that they must stay at home while their guardians are out. When you're together, the dog, of course, wants your attention. But, please, don't read your screens so that you can at least give him/her the best walking experience possible. A phone call works because your eyes can still be on your most devoted companion. Enjoy your walks with your friend. He will be so grateful that you'll see it in his face. Try it!

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